Cambridge Shopping Haul|Primark, Lush, New Look & More


Flannel – Primark
T-Shirt Dress – Primark
Black Cycle Short’s – Primark
Purple Silk Pyjamas – Primark
Levi’s Top – USC
Khaki Trouser’s – New Look
Nude Lace Bralette – Primark
3 Piece Knicker’s – Primark
3 Pair Black Tight’s – Primark
2 Piece Choker’s – Primark
Make Up Wipes – Primark
3 Face Sheet Mask’s – Primark
2 White Cushion’s – Primark
‘Let’s Get Naked’ Bath Mat – Primark
Wrapping Paper – Primark
Aussie Mega Shampoo – Boot’s
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in ‘Fair’ – Boot’s
Rocket Science Bath Bomb – Lush
Rose Jam Buubleroon – Lush
Think Pink Bath Bomb – Lush

And that is everything I bought while I was shopping in Cambridge! I hope you enjoyed, also check out my Youtube channel – hannahxoxoblog. I hope to see you soon! Bye!

Edinburgh Trip Away

For our holiday this year me and Casey decided to go to Edinburgh, as we couldn’t afford to go abroad this year and we haven’t been to Edinburgh before. We decided to get a plane there as it would be easier. I hope you enjoyed reading what me and Casey got up to on our trip away.


Day One:
We got to the airport at half 10, checked in our bags, went through security and then had a bite to eat before boarding the plane. We arrived in Edinburgh just before 2. Once we got our bags and everything we got a taxi to our hotel. After we settled into the hotel we decided to go downstairs and have a swim in the pool for a little bit. Once we finished we went back to our room got ready for dinner and had dinner.

Day Two:
Today me and Casey decided to go into town had do some shopping, as Edinburgh is know for shopping. Once we got up, had breakfast and ready for the day we decided to head out to town. We went into lot’s of shops like Urban Outfitter’s, Zara, JD, etc. I bought a jumper from Urban Outfitter’s, a bralette from Hollister, a couple of tops from Primark and of course I had to get a couple of bit’s from Lush. I did also go into a souvenir shop and got some little bits and bob’s. Once we finished shopping we had a little sit down in the park next to Edinburgh Castle. Finally we headed back to the hotel, relaxed, had our dinner then went to bed.

Day Three:
Once me and Casey had breakfast we headed out to Edinburgh zoo. We had such a lovely time looking at all the different animals. Giant Panda’s, Tiger’s, Kangaroo and many more animals. We did have lunch at the zoo cafe as well. When we finished looking around the zoo we headed back to the hotel and had a quick nap. Before we had dinner me and Casey decided to go for an evening swim in the hotel swimming pool. Once, we finished and had a shower and I dried my hair it was time for dinner.

Day Four:
We started today off early with breakfast and then we headed to town. I had a quick look in town and then we walked to Edinburgh Castle. I booked tickets to look around the Castle and so me and Casey did and we had some lunch there as well. Once we finished looking around the Castle we headed down the road, had a quick drink in Cafe Nero then went on a Ghost Tour. It was a tour on the underground city, it was a lot better than I expected it to be and definitely recommend to do it if you are in Edinburgh. When we were finished we got a taxi back to the hotel, we chilled out for a little bit and then it was time for dinner.

Day Five:
Today was our last full day in Edinburgh so we wanted to chill out a bit. Once we got up we had breakfast and we chilled out for a bit and then decided to go for a swim for a couple of hours. Once we were finished in the swimming pool we got a late lunch and then chilled out again for a bit more and had a little walk. Then it was time for dinner.

Day Six:
Today we are going back home. But before we left we had some breakfast. Then, we packed our bags, headed to the airport and came back home.

I hope you enjoyed reading what me and Casey got up to on our trip away to Edinburgh. And I hope to see you soon! Bye!

Eastbourne Trip Away

For Valentines day me and Casey decided to have a little trip away and have a little break. My mum very kindly bought me a two nights away of my choice for Christmas. So, I thought I would go to Eastbourne with Casey. Originally I wanted to go to Cornwall but, it was a 6 hour drive away from my house (also we were only going to be there for three days). Me and Casey then decided on a hotel in Eastbourne. It was directly in front of the sea and it was only an hour drive away from Brighton. I have wanted to go to Brighton for a while now, it looks beautiful and great for shopping.

Day One:
We set off for Eastbourne at 9:30. It was a 3 hour drive and we had a one stop on the way so we arrived at around 1. Once we parked up we didn’t have to check into the hotel till 3, so we decided to have a look around the town which was only a 10 minute walk from the hotel. I bought a couple of things from Primark and had a look in a few of the shops. We then had a little look on the pier and had fish and chips for lunch (typical english thing to do, I know). Once it had gone 3 we went back to the car got our bags and checked in at the hotel. We settled in at the hotel for a little bit and then wrapped up and headed out to for dinner. As it was valentine’s day we went for a nice meal out at Bill’s. When we finished with dinner we had another little wonder around the pier and on the beach.

Day Two:
Once we got up, had breakfast and was ready for the day ahead we decided to spend the day in Brighton (as it was only an hour away). Once we got to Brighton we parked up and had a look around the Churchill Square Shopping Centre. Brighton is so much bigger than I thought (the town reminds me of Norwich). I was so impressed with the shop selection. I have wanted some dungarees for a while now, I saw some in Primark and I loved them. I also got a couple of the valentines bath bombs from Lush, as well as a Kiko mascara that I have wanted to try for while. For lunch we went to Ed’s Place, and then we headed to The Lanes. I absolutely fell in love with the lanes, it was so cute and like a maze walking around. I did go into a donut shop called ‘Dum Dum’ and they were amazing, I would definitely recommend. On the way back to the car we decided to walk along the beach. Before we drove back to Eastbourne we thought we would go into Sainsbury’s quickly. Brighton roads are so confusing, I got so lost and the parking for Sainsbury’s was so weird (The driver’s in Brighton aren’t the best either). Apart from that I did really like Brighton and would love to go back again.

Day Three:
Today was the final day and we had to check out of the hotel by 11. Therefore we had a lazy morning, had breakfast, packed up our bags and checked out of the hotel. Once we put our bags in the car we had one final wonder around the town. And then headed home before the after work traffic.

Eastbourne and Brighton was such a beautiful place. I would love to come back sometime for another well deserved break. I hope you enjoyed this ‘trip away’ blog and I hope to see you soon! Bye!