Christmas Decorations

One of my favourite things about christmas time is decorating the house and putting up the christmas tree. Today I thought I would share with you how I decorate my bedroom in Christmas time.


A christmas tree is essential, even if you have a mini christmas tree. I have a mini christmas tree in my room and I have decorated it with silver and a touch of gold. I have actually decorated Casey’s room as well with the theme of red. I haven’t put tinsel on my tree as I quite like how it looks without. I have put a few random baubles on mine and Casey’s tree as I like how it looks. Again a stocking is essential. Me and Casey actually got ours from Home Bargains and you can personalise the top to spell out your name.

Fairy light’s are perfect for making your room look all cosy. I have actually put some around my window. I think it looks so cosy and you can see the lights from the outside. There is normally a choice of cool lights or warm lights and I have gone for a mixer as I really like them both. A candle is also another perfect way to make your room look even cosier. I have actually have a different candle thing from Yankee Candle. You put a tea light on the bottom and your chosen scent on top and the heat burns the wax, melting it and given off the scent. The wax thing I have chosen is in the scent ‘Cosy By The Fire’. I absolutely love these and are a great idea.

Putting tinsel around your house/bedroom is a lovely little touch to make your room that extra christmassy. I have put some red tinsel on Casey’s bed for an extra touch of christmas. Another extra touch is a hanging ‘Merry Christmas’. I have one in Casey’s room and I think its such a cute little extra thing. Obviously you must have some seasonal bedding. I have a tartan/checkered duvet set for my room, and I have gone a little more Christmassy with Casey’s bedding. Again red, with a white and grey throw (excuse the emoji pillow haha).