November Favourite’s 2018

Time for another monthly favourites video. This month has a lot of favourites that I have received from my birthday. Also check out my youtube channel HannahxoxoBlog. I hope you enjoy!


My 21st Birthday:                                                                                                                     This month I turned 21 and I had two weeks off work and I had such a good birthday and such a good time off. I went to Amsterdam, went out clubbing in Norwich and London, had afternoon tea with my best friend, plus a lot more. I have written a blog on what I got up too if you would like to know. But a highlight of November definitely has to be my birthday so of course I had to include it in this month’s favourite’s. 

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion:                                                                                                        I have loved this stuff for a while now. But recently I’ve had a few more spots than usual. I have found this helps so much! I will pop this on at night just before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning the spot is half the size and isn’t so red and sore. If you haven’t tried this out I would definitely recommend you too!

Hollister Spray:                                                                                                                                         I received some hollister spray for my birthday and I have always loved hollister spray. I find it has a very distinct smell about it and whenever I wear it my friends always know exactly what I’m wearing. It’s always nice to be complimented on how you smell as well!

Pandora:                                                                                                                                           For my birthday I received a pandora ring and bracelet off my parents and I have fallen in love with them. I love pandora jewellery and I think it’s so pretty. I always wear it everyday and it’s a brand that I know is really good quality. 

Vineyard Candles ‘Mojito’:                                                                                                              I recently went into my local garden centre and they sold these candles. I have never seen cocktail smelling candles before so I was very intrigued by them. I picked up the mojito candle as I love the smell of mojito’s. I have nearly burnt all of it already, it smells that good! I am definitely going back and getting some more.

Peaky Blinders on Netflix:                                                                                                            I have been binge watching Netflix recently and one show that I have watched is Peaky Blinders. I wasn’t so sure about it when I first started watching it but I continued to watch it as my friend was going on about how good it is. I soon fell in live with it and couldn’t stop watching it. It’s not a series that I would normally watch but I was so interested in it, especially since its set in the 1920’s. Again I would definitely recommend you to watch it.

Haunting of Hill House on Netflix:                                                                                    Another series I have been loving on Netflix is Haunting of Hill House. I love horror films and I knew this was like a horror series so I was very intrigued by it. It’s very interested but you need to concentrate when your watching it otherwise you will loose the story line. I would definitely recommend you watch it if you like horrors, otherwise if you don’t then I don’t think you will like this. The last episode did creep me out a little but apart from that I didn’t find it too scary. 

November GlossyBox 2018

This month’s Glossybox is ‘Beauty SOS Edition’. Inside this months box includes five beauty essentials. There is also an extra treat of an ‘Chloe Eau De Parfum’ mini. I hope you enjoy having a look inside of what I have received inside my Glossybox. Also check out my Youtube channel hannahxoxoblog. 


Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in ‘Girlfriend’:                                                                I have heard a lot of good things about this brand, especially these lipsticks. I am very excited to try this lipstick out. The packaging feels very nice and good quality. The colour is a gorgeous nude colour as well. The information card that comes inside the box says ‘Her vegan friendly and cruelty-free Liquid Matte Lipstick is one of a kind, comfortable to wear and is infused with antioxidants and an exclusive complex to help maintain hydration. The lightweight, long-wearing formula glides on and the colour intensifies as it sets to a matte, transfer-free finish’. This is a full size product and retails for £18

Context Micro-Derm Regenerator:                                                                                             I have never seen a product like this before, I am very intrigued by it. The information card says ‘We love this cute two-in-one cleanser with a difference. Using professional microdermabrasion crystals, it gently exfoliates, polishes and purifies. Powerful antioxidants also protect cells and fight free radical damage to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated’. This is a deluxe mini size (30ml) which retails for £6.50, and the full size (120ml) retails for £26.70

STYLondon Eaton Eyeshadow Palette:                                                                                      I have never heard of this brand before. The shades are gorgeous however the packaging does feel quite cheap. The information card says ‘This pocket-sized, cruelty-free palette has endless possibilities for going out on the town or warming up your daytime look this season. From daytime neutrals to autumnal bronze hues, both matte and pearlescent, this is the only palette you need’. This is a full size product and retails for £9.99

YourGoodSkin Balancing Skin Concentrate:                                                                             I haven’t heard of this brand before but I ma very intrigued by it. I have tried a little on the back of my hand and it feels really nice. The information card says ‘Clinically proven and developed by dermatologists, the Balancing Skin Concentrate has a unique complex of Green Tea and Vitamin C to help improve skin texture, moisture, radiance, oiliness and skin-tone evenness in 28 days’. This is a deluxe mini size (10ml) which retails for £5.83

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment:                                                                                     I have heard a little of this brand before but not a lot. I do really like the packaging and the product feels quite thick. The information card says ‘Developed by scientists and hair stylists, this deeply conditioning, cruelty-free mask restores damaged hair, cuticles and moisture levels. The mask repels dirt so you can shampoo less and also strengthens hair to become 20x more resistant to breakage’. This is a travel size and retails for £10

November Favourite’s 2017

It’s the start of a new month so time for me to share with you what I have been loving throughout November. Some of the things I have been loving is presents I got for my birthday as well. Also check out my youtube channel hannahxoxoblog. I hope you enjoy!

Urban Decay Naked Palette:
Casey got me this palette for my birthday and I was so pleased when I received it. I have been using it everyday since. I have wanted it for quite a while now as I am trying to collect the ‘naked’ palette’s. The packaging feels a really weird texture but it does definitely feel good quality. I love using this palette day-to-day and if I want to wear something a little more smoky than I can do with this palette. It definitely lived up to my expectation’s.


Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Moisturiser:
I have loved this moisturiser for a while now. Especially since it’s getting into winter and my skin has been a little dryer than normal. I find it very light weight and not heavy and sticky on my skin which I really like. I would definitely recommend this moisturiser.


Lush Santa Baby Lip Scrub:
Again since its getting into winter my lips have been quite dry. So whenever I take my make up off and wash my face I will use this lip scrub to remove any dryness on my lips. And I have been loving it. My lips are so smooth and soft without even applying lip balm. I am not massive fan of the smell or taste but I don’t mind it. I love using this with my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream (which is another one of my favourites).


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream:
I got this last Christmas. I loved it last year and I have been loving it this year as well. It moisturises my lips so well and if leaves them feeling so smooth and soft. A lot of people love this product and I definitely do love this product as well.


Kawaii Cleansing Brush Egg:
I ave wanted one of these for a while now and I was so excited when I saw I received it in my Glossybox. I find it a lot easier to clean my make up brushes now. As well as more thorough. I love using this along side my blender cleanser. I now know my brushes are 100% clean after I have cleaned them. I would 100% recommend.


V.I.Poo Spray:
I have heard of this product for a while now and I thought it was such a smart and funny product. It’s a bit of a weird favourite but, when I was doing my weekly food shop I saw it in Asda so decided to pick it up. When I bought it I wasn’t it expected it too work that well. But it is fantastic. It is small enough to put into your handbag so if you are out in public or round someone else house you can go to the toilet without anyone knowing.


Our Girl:
Our girl was on tv recently and I watched the first and second season so of course I was watching the third season. I absolutely love ‘Our Girl’, I 100% recommend everyone to watch it. It’s one of those tv programmes that you just can’t stop watching. As soon as the episode ends you want to watch the next one. I will not spoil it for anyone but I was very sad (and crying) at the end of the season.

November GlossyBox 2017

This month’s Glossybox has some really good exciting things inside. All the products inside the box are full size products as well. Also check out my Youtube channel hannahxoxoblog. I hope you enjoy!

GreenFrog Botanic Natural Bodywash Relaxing Geranium & Peppermint:
I was very excited when I saw this because I love trying out new bodywashes. I absolutely love the smell of this body wash as well. It smells very fresh which I think is perfect for a morning shower. The information card that comes inside the box says ’This plant-based body wash is made in the UK with a good dose of Ayurvedic wisdom straight from the Himalayas, making it as calming as it is cleansing. It’s great for eczema, dry or sensitive skin and contains organic Mexican aloe vera to hydrate and soothe’. The product retails for £8.95


Beauty UK Cosmetics Contour/Powder Brush:
I love trying out new make up brushes and luckily I am actually looking for a new powder brush to set my under eye powder so hopefully this will be perfect. The bristles are quite dense as well. The information card says ‘Since this brush has entered – or swept – into our lives, our blending has been on point. This is because the incredibly soft, short bristles are perfect for buffing and blending as well as seamlessly contouring and highlighting so make up simply looks like our skin – just a bit better’. This product retails for £6.99


SportFX Candy Floss Moisturising Lip Balm:
I love getting a new lip balm, especially this time of the year since it is getting colder outside. I find the packing is a little weird. It reminds me of the eos lip balms. The information card says ’The candy floss-flavoured pink tint leaves behind a sheer wash of colour while the high-performance formula, infused with SPF15, vitamins and antioxidants, softens and soothes to perfect your pout.’ This product retails for £4.99


Collection Cosmetics Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder:
I have received this product in one of my glossy box’s in the past and I have really enjoyed it! I like using it with an eyebrow pencil. Inside the lid there is a little ball that rattles which is quite annoying I will say. The information card says ‘This defining brow powder is an essential, whether you want to fill in sparse areas or just add depth. The formulation contains fibre particles to add instant volume and the fine-tipped nib lets you create natural hair-like strokes’. This product retails for £4.19


Boots Charcoal and Willow Bark Sheet Mask:
I love using sheet masks. I find them so quick and easy to use. I am partially eager to try this on out as it says it’s cleansing and purifying. As well as charcoal is an ingredient. The information card says ‘Originaly a Korean trend, sheet masks have become a staple art of our weekly skincare regime. This powerful mask contains willow bark and charcoal to purify’. This product retails for £2.50

November Favourite’s

This month I have tried out a few new products and I have been loving most of them. Therefore, I am going to get straight into it.

img_5169Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer:
I heard a lot of people rave about this concealer so I had to try it out for myself. It is definitely worth the hype. I got a shade lighter than normal because I want to highlight under my eyes. I really like the formula of the concealer as well as the coverage. I would definitely recommend this concealer.


img_5170Urban Decay All Nighter Spray:
Again a lot of people rave about this so I had to try it out for myself. They did have a smaller bottle only for 9 pounds so I picked it up. I do really like it and do find it does make my make up last longer in the day. I don’t use this everyday but if I am out for most of the day and want my make up to last then I will use it.


img_5167Mac Fix +:
I have used this quite a few times now and I really like it. I have the smaller bottle but when I run out I will definitely be buying the bigger bottle of it. Anytime I want to intensify my eyeshadow colour I will use this. It is definitely worth the hype.


img_5180Zoeva Complete Eye Brush Set:
I got this for my birthday from Casey. I have never tried Zoeva brushes before so I was very excited to try them out. I really like the quality of them, they are so soft and blend and apply eyeshadow lovely. I defiantly want to try out some of their face brushes as well.


img_5256Osmo Straightening Fluid:
I thought I would try out the brand Osmo as I haven’t tried any of their products before. I especially really like this as it reduces frizz, it’s Keratin based and has heat protector in it. I would definitely recommend this product.


img_5178New Look Beanie:
As it getting colder and closer to Christmas I find myself putting more layers of clothing on. Therefore, I have recently bought this beanie and have been wearing it every time I leave my house. It’s surprisingly how much this beanie keeps me warm. I absolutely love it.



Adidas All Star Trainer’s:
My mum and dad got me these for my birthday and I have been loving them. They are so comfortable and go with every outfit. I have been wearing them so much, If I haven’t been wearing these I will be wearing either my Ugg’s or Black boots.

Birthday Break

For mine and Casey’s birthday we decided to have a weekend away in London since Casey has never been to London before. We left on the Thursday morning and came back on the Sunday. Once we got to London we checked into the hotel. After we settled down into the hotel we had a little walk around London. We first decided to got to Covent Garden. I did end up going into Mac and Urban Decay and buying a few bits. Afterwards we went to Leicester Square. We did go into M&M World as Casey has never been in there before and got some M&M’s (obviously). Then, we made our way to Trafalgar Square, had a little walk around and took some picture’s. We did walk to Buckingham Palace and have a little look, and then to Harrods. It looked so pretty with all the lights on outside. Casey did buy a Harrod’s bear for me as well. Finally we made our way back to the hotel, got ready and went to dinner.

On Friday we got up and had breakfast. As it was Casey’s birthday on the Friday he opened his presents that I got him. Once we were ready we went out to Madame Tussade’s. I was so surprised by how many wax figures of celebrities they were. And how realistic they looked. I did have to take my picture with a few. There was also Zoella and Alfie which I had to get a picture with. After we left Madame Tussade’s we went to the London Eye. I was very excited to go on the London Eye as I have never been on there before. I was surprised by how slowly it goes but the view was amazing, especially when you got to the top. We headed back to the hotel to put some more layers on before we went to Oxford Street. I did go into Urban Outfitter’s, Forever 21, Zara, and a few other’s. I may possibly do a haul of all the things I bought in London. When we were starting to feel hungry we went to get dinner and headed back to the hotel.

On Saturday when we were all ready we headed out to the London Dungeons. I have always wanted to got to the London Dungeons. The experience as a whole was not as scary as I thought it would be, but I did enjoy it and would definitely recommend it. Once we finished at the London Dungeons we decided to go to the Sea Life Centre. I throughly enjoyed it. The sharks were a lot bigger than I expected, there was a crocodile and penguins (again didn’t realise they would be there so very excited). Afterwards we headed back to hotel put a few more layers on and then had a little walk around the hotel and got dinner.

On the Sunday was my birthday so when I got up and ready I opened my presents from Casey. We did decide to go straight home when we checked out of the hotel as we didn’t want to carry all our bags around with us. I throughly enjoyed our weekend in London and will defiantly do it again.

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November GlossyBox


This month’s Glossybox is very exciting and has a lot of goodies! It also came with a few discount leaflets and a chocolate.

img_1192Ruby Professional Large Tapered Blending Brush:
I was really excited when I got this as I am looking to find more make up brushes. Also I haven’t heard of this brand before. The information card says ‘We love that the cruelty-free bristles are soft but firm, making it both a versatile professional eye tool – use it to shade and blend around the eye – and a handy precision contouring brush for small areas of the face’. The retail price for this is €8 which i think is quite good and is a full size.

img_1189111Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask:
I love a good face mask. I saw this brand advertise on Space NK just the the day. The card says ‘Boasting a series of tech skin credentials, this mask is like a second skin, instantly locking in moisture and allowing the three key ingredients to get to work; arbutin to brighten, silk amino acids to condition and centella asiatica to stimulate collagen production’. This is a full size product and retails for £85.

img_1191This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray:
I have wanted to try this product out for a while now and finally I can. The information card says ‘Ensure a restful sleep before a big night with this soporific pillow spray, clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and wake up move refreshed’. The retail price for this product is £16.

img_1193De Gruyere Beauté Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bubble 07:
I love products like this because they are so quick and easy. This colour is especially pretty. The card says ‘The long-lasting creamy formula and jumbo pencil shape make it a doodle to apply: simply glide the shimmering highly pigmented eye colour along the lashes or all over the eye lid’. This product is a full size and retails for €15.

img_1190Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes:
I don’t normally wear false eyelashes but I will definitely try these out. The information card says ‘These lashes were made for batting the night away. Each tapered to look life-like and seamlessly blend in with your own’. Again this is a full size product and retails for £4.95.


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