My 21st Birthday Week

I have recently turned 21 and for my birthday I had two weeks off work. Within them two weeks I had a lot planned and of course I thought I would share with you what I got up too. My birthday weeks started on Saturday 3rd November and went to the Friday 16th November. My birthday was on the 13th November as well. I had such a lovely birthday weeks and it will definitely be a birthday to remember. Also check out my youtube channel hannahxoxoblog. I hope you enjoying reading what I got up too in my two birthday weeks.

IMG_3375IMG_3383IMG_E3384fullsizeoutput_807Saturday 3rd November:                                                                                                               I started off my two weeks off by going out in Norwich clubbing with my brother, sister-in-law and one of my best friends Harry. During the day it was quite chilled, I went to Elveden and had lunch with my mum and dad. Then got ready in the evening and heading out to Norwich. I love having a night out in Norwich its always such a good night. There was many drinks and shots that night. 

Sunday 4th November:                                                                                                             The next day I was feeling a bit worse for wear and I was going to Amsterdam tomorrow. Therefore, I tried to sleep as much as I could as we had an early flight. I did manage to pack my suitcase ready for my trip, have a shower and get ready for tomorrow. 

IMG_3394IMG_3396IMG_3410IMG_3413IMG_3451Monday 5th November:                                                                                                       Today was the day we were going to Amsterdam. We had to leave at 3 in the morning to go to the airport. We had breakfast at the airport, the flight was so lovely and quick. We managed to land in Amsterdam by 10 o’clock. We had a little look around and had a picture by the I AMsterdam. Amsterdam is such a beautiful city which is so chilled and relaxed. After we had a little look around we checked into our hotel and had a quick nap before heading back out. In the evening we decided to have a couple of drinks. We went to a steak house for dinner and spent the evening in a cute little coffee shop. Before we headed back to the hotel we decided to all getting a tattoo each as well. 

IMG_3420IMG_3437IMG_3431fullsizeoutput_802fullsizeoutput_805fullsizeoutput_7fefullsizeoutput_7fdfullsizeoutput_7ffTuesday 6th November:                                                                                                           We planned to have a tourist day and do all the tourist things. Once we got up had breakfast we headed out to the Amsterdam swing. That was really amazing and quite scary. We had a drink up there and then headed to the sex museum. That was very interesting and very different. Then it was time for lunch so we went into a cute little Crepes and Waffles place for food. They were so amazing and tasted delicious! In the afternoon we decided to spend it in our new favourite coffee shop. Once the evening was among us we decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for the evening. We decided to go out clubbing so we started off in a few bars before heading to the clubs. They are very different from England clubs and very different music. Finally we had food and headed back to the hotel for our beds. 

IMG_3433fullsizeoutput_801fullsizeoutput_7fcIMG_3449IMG_3450Wednesday 7th November:                                                                                                     Our heads were a bit sore when we woke up so we had a lay in and slowly got ready for the day. We had a little look around, had some lunch before going to Anne Frank’s House. That was very interesting and I would highly recommend to visit if your in Amsterdam. Once we finished there we done some shopping and looked around all the cute souvenir shops. Then it was time for dinner so we had some food and sat in our favourite coffee shop before the day came to an end.

IMG_3429IMG_3453Thursday 8th November:                                                                                                     Today we were heading home so when we woke up we got ready and packed our suitcases before checking out of the hotel. Our flight wasn’t until later so we did have another little look around Amsterdam, and had lunch in the cute Crepes and Waffles place again. Just before we went home we did go to our favourite little coffee shop one last time before heading home. When we got home it was quite late so I did end up going straight to bed as I was so tired from our adventure in Amsterdam.

IMG_3510IMG_3511Friday 9th November:                                                                                                                   I woke up feeling refreshed ready for the day ahead. After I’d unpacked and got ready me and my friends heading into London as we were going out clubbing tonight in London. We were celebrating me turning 21 on Tuesday. Once we checked into out hotel we slowly got ready and started drinking playing a few drinking games. Once it got a bit later we headed out to Leister Square and went into ZooBar. It was such a good night that I will never forget.

Saturday 10th November:                                                                                                              When we woke up we had a lie in as we were feeling a bit rough. When it was time to check out of the hotel we got up and got ready for the day ahead. We then decided to do a little bit of Christmas shopping in Oxford Street and in Stratford. Once we were finished we headed  home. I did up going out for dinner with my family as well in the evening.

Sunday 11th November:                                                                                                           Me and my friend Chloe decided we would have a spa day today. We started by having lunch in Wetherspoon’s. We then headed to the Aqua Sana in Centre Parcs and spent the afternoon up there. Finally we had some dinner before heading home for the day. It was lovely to relax for the afternoon and have a little bit of a detox.

fullsizeoutput_7faMonday 12th November:                                                                                                     Today my best friend Tracey wanted to take me out for afternoon tea as a birthday treat. We had such a lovely afternoon having afternoon tea and having a girly chat up. 

IMG_3519IMG_3520IMG_3544IMG_3548IMG_3563Tuesday 13th November:                                                                                                      Today is my birthday and I wanted quite a chilled day. Therefore, me my mum and dad went to Norwich for the day and done some shopping. In the evening I had a lovely meal with my family and had a few drinks afterwards. 

Wednesday 14th November:                                                                                                       I had plans to meet my friend and her little girl for lunch. We had a lovely lunch and then had a little look around town.

IMG_3584IMG_3583Thursday 15th November:                                                                                                            I had quite a chilled day sorting out my bedroom and organising it. For dinner I met my friends Elisha and Chloe. We decided to have dinner in Prezzo’s and have a couple of drinks afterwards.

Friday 16th November:                                                                                                        Today I was writing my blog and planning future blogs. In the evening I decided to go for a couple of drinks with my friends as my last and finally day off work.

London Haul

The first shop I went into was Mac and when I paid they put my things in a little box which I thought was really cute. I picked up a Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20 (I have heard a lot of people rave about this concealer so had to try it for myself). I also got another Satin Lipstick in ‘Rebel’. Finally, Fix +. Again I hear a lot of people rave about this and I had to try it out for myself. Then I decided to go into Urban Decay. I have wanted to try the Naked Skin Concealer for ages now so I went and bought it. They also had a smaller one of the All Nighter Setting Spray so I picked that up as well. We did go into M&M World to have a look and get some M&M’s. We had eaten all of the M&M’s that we bought so I decided to take a picture of the bag instead. Casey did get me a bear from Harrod’s which was so cute and in the style of an old-fashioned bear. In Oxford Street I went into New Look and got myself a beanie and Forever 21 for a nice cosy jumper. I also went into Urban Outfitter’s and got a mini cactus just because it was so cute. As we went to Madame Tussade’s, London Eye, London Dungeons and Sea Life Centre so I got a key ring for each place (unfortunately I couldn’t find the gift shop in the London Dungeons, so I didn’t get one). I also got a London snow globe as well. As it was my birthday as well Casey got me some Zoeva Make Up Brushes (as well as jewellery). My family got me a pair of Adidas Superstar trainers, and a few other bit’s.

Birthday Break

For mine and Casey’s birthday we decided to have a weekend away in London since Casey has never been to London before. We left on the Thursday morning and came back on the Sunday. Once we got to London we checked into the hotel. After we settled down into the hotel we had a little walk around London. We first decided to got to Covent Garden. I did end up going into Mac and Urban Decay and buying a few bits. Afterwards we went to Leicester Square. We did go into M&M World as Casey has never been in there before and got some M&M’s (obviously). Then, we made our way to Trafalgar Square, had a little walk around and took some picture’s. We did walk to Buckingham Palace and have a little look, and then to Harrods. It looked so pretty with all the lights on outside. Casey did buy a Harrod’s bear for me as well. Finally we made our way back to the hotel, got ready and went to dinner.

On Friday we got up and had breakfast. As it was Casey’s birthday on the Friday he opened his presents that I got him. Once we were ready we went out to Madame Tussade’s. I was so surprised by how many wax figures of celebrities they were. And how realistic they looked. I did have to take my picture with a few. There was also Zoella and Alfie which I had to get a picture with. After we left Madame Tussade’s we went to the London Eye. I was very excited to go on the London Eye as I have never been on there before. I was surprised by how slowly it goes but the view was amazing, especially when you got to the top. We headed back to the hotel to put some more layers on before we went to Oxford Street. I did go into Urban Outfitter’s, Forever 21, Zara, and a few other’s. I may possibly do a haul of all the things I bought in London. When we were starting to feel hungry we went to get dinner and headed back to the hotel.

On Saturday when we were all ready we headed out to the London Dungeons. I have always wanted to got to the London Dungeons. The experience as a whole was not as scary as I thought it would be, but I did enjoy it and would definitely recommend it. Once we finished at the London Dungeons we decided to go to the Sea Life Centre. I throughly enjoyed it. The sharks were a lot bigger than I expected, there was a crocodile and penguins (again didn’t realise they would be there so very excited). Afterwards we headed back to hotel put a few more layers on and then had a little walk around the hotel and got dinner.

On the Sunday was my birthday so when I got up and ready I opened my presents from Casey. We did decide to go straight home when we checked out of the hotel as we didn’t want to carry all our bags around with us. I throughly enjoyed our weekend in London and will defiantly do it again.

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