Winter Morning Routine

As I have recently done a ‘Winter Night-Time Routine’ I thought it was only right to do a morning routine as well. In winter I never want to leave my bed so I will stay in bed for as long as I can. Therefore you will find out I do multiple things at the same time in the morning haha. None the less I hope you enjoy reading my morning routine in winter.

As soon as my alarm goes off in the morning I automatically put it on snooze. I will then have another 15 minutes in bed before I finally decide to get up. Once I’m up the first thing I do is head to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. This is the point in the morning when I will make my breakfast. Normally I want something quick and easy so ill either have cereal or toast. To save time in a morning I will take my breakfast to my room and eat it while I’m doing my make up. I don’t take too long to do my make up, whenever I do my everyday make up it will normally take me out 15 minutes. I will then do my hair, normally I’m going to work so I’ll either put it up in a ponytail or a bun, whichever I feel like on the day. Afterwards I will put my jewellery on, day-to-day I wear my earrings, a necklace, a ring and my apple watch. Finally I will get changed and put some perfume on. I am currently loving my Jimmy Choo perfume. I will then put my shoes on and get my bag together before heading out the door for the day ahead. 

What I Eat in a Day|April 2018

I have never done a blog like this before so I am very excited to do it. I thought I would share with you roughly what I eat in a day-to-day basis. I don’t eat the most healthiest I will admit but I am happy and confident in my body. So, I don’t mind that I don’t eat the healthiest. Also check out my youtube channel hannahxoxoblog. I hope you enjoy this different type of blog.

Breakfast (11am):
I don’t always eat breakfast, but I do try to. This morning I am going to have a some toast with Nutella and a warm pan au chocolate as well just to fill me up some more. For a drink I want something warm so I am going to have a hot chocolate.

Lunch (1pm):
I usually have a sandwich for my lunch. Today I am going to have a tuna mayonnaise sandwich with a packet of salt and vinegar crisps and some orange and pineapple cordial. I normally have water throughout the day and have cordial when I am having a meal/food.

Snack (4pm):
I do get quite hungry between lunch and dinner, so I do tend to have a little snack. Today I am going to have some Cadbury’s Crunchy Melt cookies as I have just been food shopping and I couldn’t resist them.

Dinner (7pm):
I wasn’t too hungry this evening so I just made some mash potato and some gravy. It fills me up and it’s quick and easy. Again I will just have some orange and pineapple cordial as a drink as well. I don’t normally have a dessert so I’m not going to have one tonight either.


Morning Routine

My morning routine doesn’t really change a lot when I have work, however if it is my day off I don’t really have a routine. Therefore, this will be my morning routine on a day-to-day basis when I have work.


Time to get up:
Once I wake up I will just automatically go on my phone and browse on social media, just a habit. I don’t normally find it that hard to get up in a morning as weird and strange as it is. I would much rather wake up early and get lots of things done in a day then have a lay in and hardly do anything. When its time for me to get up I will go to the bathroom and brush my teeth.


I don’t normally do much skincare in the morning since all I do at night is sleep and my skin doesn’t get really dirty. All I do is apply my Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser and my eye cream. At the moment I have been using the Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream I do like it but I wouldn’t say I love it or hate it. Then, I will continue with my everyday make up, this normally takes me about 15 minutes to do which I love as its so quick and easy. I always love going for the natural make up look for a day-to-day basis, I have done a blog post on my everyday make up routine if you would like to have a browse on what products I use.

I wash my hair every other day since that’s when it needs washing. I do wash my hair at night as I don’t have time to dry it in the mornings. If I find my hair needs straightening then I will, if not I will just style as normal (which is normally half up half down ponytail). I do keep it quite simple as thats the way I like to do my hair on a day-to-day basis.

Once I have finished that I will get dressed and head downstairs. If I have time I will have breakfast if not I will grab something out of the cupboard and be off to whatever I am doing that day (normally working). For breakfast I normally have cereal (Weetabix or Cornflakes), if I’m in a rush it will be a cereal bar and some fruit. The other thing I will do is grab breakfast out e.g. Greggs. And that is it, I will then continue with my day.

I hope you enjoyed the blog! I will see you soon, Bye!