Everyday Hair Tutorial|Summer 2018

Today I thought I would share with you what I have been doing with my hair recently. What products I have been using and how I style my hair when I go to work. Also check out my youtube channel HannahxoxoBlog. I hope you enjoy!

Product’s I Use:
Normally I will wash my hair at night, however if I do get time I will wash my hair in the morning. I do like to mix up my shampoo, but I find myself always going back to TRESemme Cleansing Shampoo. I find it cleanses my scalp and hair really well without it being too harsh on my hair. The conditioner I swear by is the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner. It never fails to surprise me how good this conditioner is. Recently I have also been loving the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, it helps my hair grow long and with the condition. I will wash my hair apply this mask all over my hair, leave it on for about 10 minutes, rinse my hair and then conditioner my hair as normal. When I style my hair sometimes I want it straight, other times I want it wavy. It just depends how I feel that day. Day-to-day when I got to work I will have my hair wavy. On these days I will spray my Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray after I have washed my hair and leave it to air dry. If I have somewhere I need to be then I will rough dry my hair but most of the time I will let it air dry. Once my hair is dry I will put some serum in my hair to reduce any frizz.

How I Style My Hair:
When I go to work I need to have my hair up and out of my face so I will put my hair in a low ponytail. I will brush my hair put it in a low ponytail, I will put it up quite loosely and pull a few bits out around my face. When I have a day off work and I want my hair out of my face I will have my hair half up half down. I will put the top section up, again quite loosely and pull a few bits out around my face.

July Favourite’s 2018

Time for another monthly favourites video. This month I will be sharing with you what I have been loving throughout July. Again there isn’t loads of things I have been loving as I have still been unpacking and organising the house as I have moved recently. Also check out my youtube channel HannahxoxoBlog. I hope you enjoy!

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment:
I have heard of this product from Gabby and FabulousHannah talk about it so I thought I would try it out. I do really like it as well. When I’m in the shower I will wash my hair, then apply this with all over my hair including my scalp and leave it on for about 10 minutes. I will then rinse it and apply my conditioner as normal. I do definitely find it helps my hair grow and I would definitely recommend you give it a go.

Love Island:
I’m starting this monthly favourites blog with Love Island. I loved it last year and again I’m obsessed with it this year. I have got Casey into watching it with me and we both can’t miss an episode of it. And if you don’t know what Love Island is you must be living underneath a rock (jokes!). I love watching it, I love hearing other peoples opinion on whats happening in the villa and my opinion changes everyday of people inside the villa. I’m truly obsessed with the show and if you haven’t watched it, you 100% need too!

Our Girl:
As well as Love Island being back on TV I have also been watching Our Girl. I have watched every series of it and every time I love it. It has ended now sadly but you can always watch it on BBC player and I highly recommend you do.

Wilkinson Sword Intuition f.a.b. razor:
I received this razor in my Glossybox last month and I really like it. When I first received it I was a bit unsure but I really like it. It’s so much easier shaving your legs and glides really smoothly over my skin. And again I would 100% recommend this razor to you guys!

‘Busy Bee Carys’ and ‘James & Carys’:
I don’t normally mention other youtuber’s that I have been enjoying watching in my monthly favourite’s. But this month I have really been enjoying watching ‘Busy Bee Carys’ and ‘James & Carys’. Cary’s seems like a really nice, friendly person and I love her and her new fiancé’s relationship. Plus their dog is super cute.

Word Scapes:
This month I downloaded a new game called wordscapes. It is a game were you get certain letters and you need to create words using the specific letters and complete the crossword.It’s pretty much a crossword but instead of the clues you have letters. I have been obsessed with it and currently I’m already on level 168.

Week Of Outfit’s|Summer 2018

Today I thought I would share with you a week of outfits. Just for some inspiration and what I like to wear on my day’s off from work. In all of these outfits I have paired it with my Michael Kors crossbody bag and my Toms, just because I have been loving the recently. And they are both perfect for Summer time. I hope you enjoy! Also check out my youtube channel Hannahxoxoblog.

‘More Self Love’ Top – Pull & Bear
Black Joni Jeans – Topshop

Black Slogan Top – Pretty Little Thing
Yellow & White Strip Leggings – Pull & Bear

Khaki Top – Primark
Black Flowy Shorts – Primark

Black Off The Shoulder Top – Primark
Ripped Jeans

Levi’s Top – Levi’s
Khaki Trousers – New Look

Pink Off The Shoulder Top – New Look
Grey and White Strip Trousers – New Look

Pink Tracksuit – Pretty Little Thing

How I Clean My Make Up Brushes/Sponges

Today I had to clean my make up brushes so I thought that I would share with you how I clean them and what products I use. I love using these products and method to clean my make up brushes and sponges. It cleans them really well and doesn’t ruin my brushes at all. Also check out my youtube channel HannahxoxoBlog. I hope you enjoy!


I will start off by wetting my make up brush and my blender cleanser solid, and swirling my brush around in my blender cleanser solid to create a lather. I will then create even more of a lather using circular motion on the small bobbly bits of the Kawaii Cleansing Brush Egg. I will also use the ridges on the cleansing brush egg to help get all the product out of my make up brushes. Once I think my brush is clean I will start to rinse my brush using clean water, still using the cleansing brush egg to help remove all the lather. When my brush is clean and rinsed I will squeeze the brush hairs on a towel to remove any excess water, and move my brush in circular motions on the towel to dry the brush hairs slightly. Finally I will make sure the brush hairs are all in the right direction and let the brush dry over an edge. I do the exact same method for cleaning my smaller make up brushes and sponges as well.

What’s In My Bag|Michael Kors

I have recently got a new bag and I am love with it and have been using it everyday! Therefore, I thought I would share with you what I carry around in my bag day-to-day. I hope you enjoy! Also check out my youtube channel Hannahxoxoblog


Ted Baker Cardholder
Ted Baker Sunglasses
Zara Roll On Perfume
Charger Lead

June Favourite’s 2018

Time for another monthly favourites video. This month I will be sharing with you what I have been loving throughout June. I have moved house in June so there isn’t loads of favourites as I have been busy but I thought I would still share with you what I have been loving.. Also check out my youtube channel HannahxoxoBlog. I hope you enjoy!



Zara ‘Fruity’ Roll On Perfume:
I love having mini or roll on perfumes in my handbag as they are so small and easy to pop in my bag. I have popped this one in my bag and I have been loving it recently. Normally I don’t choose fruity scents but I really like this one and its a bit different.

Since the weather has got a bit sunnier recently I have been loving my Toms. I find them so quick and easy to slip on. They keep my feet cool and support my feet if Im walking a lot as well (unlike sandals or flip flops). I would 100% recommend them!

Starbucks Double Chocolatey Frappuccino:
Again normally I don’t like coffee but I love coffee in a frappuccino. I especially love the double chocolatey frappuccino. I will say the caramel frappiccihno is good as well. I would definitely recommend them.

The Range:
Me and Casey have recently moved house and I have been buying a few new bits and bobs for the house. One place that I have always been going to is ’the Range’. They have so many nice home things and I find them very reasonably priced.


As you may or may not know but me and my boyfriend (Casey) moved out in June last year. We had a 12 month contract in a flat and we could either move out or continue the contract for another 12 months. We decided to move out as we wanted somewhere closer to my parents and where I worked. I did also wanted to live in a house and not a flat (still renting) as I wanted a garden, our own front door and to be able to have a upstairs as well as a downstairs. Therefore we looked for somewhere new to live, and eventually we found somewhere. When it came to packing all of our belongings and the moving day I wanted to share that experience with you. So, I decided to vlog the day and take a few pictures for my blog. If you want to see the vlog just go to my youtube channel HannahxoxoBlog and the video will be up the same time this blog goes live. I absolutely love our new home. I can’t wait to full decorate it, have our friends and family round and to make loads more memories. I do also want to film a ‘House Tour’ when our home is just how I want it. I can’t wait for all the memories and special moments in our new home. I hope you enjoy looking at all the pictures and our journey in our new home.