I have been on a holiday to Corfu recently and thought I would do a travel diary for you guys, and share what we got up too in Corfu. I’ve wanted to go to Greece for a while now and I decided to go to Corfu as it is a cheaper part of Greece and still looks beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday in Corfu, Greece. It is such a beautiful country and I have fallen in love with the Greek culture. I love the Greek music and dancing. The resort was so lovely and I couldn’t say a bad word about it. The food was delicious and the workers throughout the holiday were fantastic. And of course I would 100% recommend the resort and Corfu as a whole. Also we staying in the Mareblue Beach Resort. Also check out my youtube channel HannahxoxoBlog for clips of what we got up too. I hope you enjoy!

We got up nice and early and left for the airport at half 2. Once we checked in and went through security I did some shopping in duty free, of course. By this time it was 5 in the morning so we decided to get a small breakfast at the airport. Afterwards it was time to board the plane. The plane journey was three hours and as we got up so early I was very tired so I ended up sleeping the whole journey on the plane. Once we arrived in Corfu we got our luggage and got a bus transfer to the hotel. We managed to check into our room straight away and settle in. We then decided to go out and have a look around the hotel and do some sun bathing. When it was time for dinner we got ready, went downstairs for dinner and then had a couple of drinks at the bar.


Today was our first full day in Corfu so we wanted to relax. Once we woke up we got ready, had breakfast and chilled by the pool in the morning. We sunbathed and chilled in the pool which was so nice and relaxing. When it was time for lunch we had some food then headed out to do some exploring. We looked around some little souvenir shops and went to two separate beaches. We had booked a mini photo shoot in the early evening so it was then time to head back to the hotel have a shower and freshen up. We took lots of lovely pictures and had such a laugh while doing it. Again when it was time we went for dinner and had a few drinks at the bar before heading to bed.

We booked a waterpark for the Wednesday so when we woke up we got ready, had breakfast before heading to the waterpark. It was such a laugh and I enjoyed every moment of it. We had lunch there and spent the whole day there before heading back to the hotel. By the time we got back it was time for dinner so we went to our room, had a shower, freshened up and went downstairs for dinner.


After such a fun filled day yesterday we were so tired so we decided to have a pool day. Once we woke up it was too late for breakfast so we slowly got ready chilled by the pool for the morning and soon enough it was time for lunch. After lunch we headed back to the pool for some sun bathing and chilling in the pool. When it was about early evening/late afternoon we decided to head back to the room, have a shower and freshen up. It was quite early for dinner so we decided to have a walk along the beach before heading down for dinner. We also decided to have an early night as we had a busy day tomorrow.

We had booked a boat trip for today and we were getting picked up at 7:15 so we had to get up very early and get ready to be picked up. We went to the Corfu harbour and our boat trip started then. We got a tour down the side of Corfu and then went to the Paxos island. We had a tour of the Paxos island and we went into a few of the blue caves. We then headed to the Antipaxos island for some swimming. We got to jump off the boat and swim in the beautiful turquoise sea. Once we were all back on the boat we went back to Paxos to have some lunch and have a look around the island. There were so many cute little shops and little lanes. Paxos is such a beautiful island and I would 100% recommend everyone to visit if you are nearby. Once it was time to go we got back onto the boat and headed back to Corfu harbour. On the journey back there was a little performance of some Greek dancers. It was such a laugh and all the guests got involved too. When we got back to the hotel it was quite late so we had a quick dinner, had a shower and went to bed.


Since the day before was such a fun, exciting day we decided to just chill by the pool today. Therefore, when we woke up we had breakfast and went to the pool. We did some sunbathing and chilled in the pool and when it was time for lunch we had something to eat and then headed back to the pool for the afternoon. When it started to get into the evening we decided to head back to the room have a shower and freshen up before heading to dinner. Once we had dinner we decided to go for a couple of drinks down at the bar. This night it was greek night at the resort. They had Greek dancers getting everyone involved and smashing plates. It was such a fun filled night with lots more memories.

Today was our last day so we just wanted a chill day. Once we woke up we slowly got ready and headed down to the pool. We missed breakfast as we had a lay in so we just thought we would have an early lunch instead. After we chilled in the pool and did some sunbathing we decided to go for lunch. The food in the resort was delicious throughout our stay and we thoroughly enjoyed it. After lunch we went back to the pool to relax. Late afternoon/early evening we decided to have a last final walk along the beach and get some souvenirs for our family and friends at home. When the day was coming to a close we walked back to our room to get ready for this evening and start packing. Once we had finished packing we went for dinner and then had an early night.

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