This summer my family wanted a family holiday so we decided to have a long weekend away at Camber Sands in a caravan. And of course I thought I would share with you what we get up too. Also check out my youtube channel HannahxoxoBlog. I hope you enjoy!


Friday morning we got up nice and early and headed to Camber Sands so we can have a full day there. Once we got there we couldn’t check into caravan until 4 so we had a look around the next town which was Rye. It was a very beautiful and a cute little town. After we had a little explore we went and done some food shopping for the weekend. At this time it still wasn’t time to check into the caravan so we had a little walk and sun bathe on the beach. When it got to 4 o’clock we checked into our caravan, unpacked and settled in. A while after we decided to go out for dinner so we all got dressed and ready and we headed out.

Saturday morning we had breakfast and got ready for the day ahead. We decided to have a beach day but just before we had a water fight. We got to the beach early lunch time and did some sunbathing. We then had a picnic on the beach for lunch and stayed on the beach in the afternoon. Once it started to cool off a bit we headed back to the caravan, had a shower and got ready for the evening to go out for a nice meal.

Sunday morning I decided to have a bit of a lay in as I was very tired from the days before. Once we got up we had breakfast and explored around the caravan park. We played on the arcades and had a game of mini golf. We then had a quick lunch before headed to the beach again. It was so nice having a swim in the sea as it was warm (and not cold for once). Again when it started to cool off we headed back to the caravan. I then decided to have a shower and relax while the boys went to watch the Chelsea game. For our final night away we decided to have a walk along the beach and get a takeaway. My mum, brother and sister-in-law got an Indian and myself, Casey and my dad got fish and chips (both the takeaways were next to each other so we all sat together outside on a bench and ate our dinner).

Today was my brothers birthday so when we woke up we gave him all of his presents and cards. We had to be out of the caravan by 10 so we packed up all of our things and packed up the cars. Before we headed off we had breakfast and went on the arcades one last time. For my brothers birthday they planned to do go karting. The place was only 15 minutes away so we went there and my brother, sister-in-law and Casey all went go karting and they all thoroughly enjoyed it. Me and my mum then wanted to go shopping as it was my mums birthday the next day (Tuesday). We deiced to drive to Bluewater shopping centre, London as it was on the way home and it was a perfect time to have lunch. Of course me and Casey bought a few bits for ourselfs and my dog, Alfie. We arrived at home late afternoon, early evening and we all went home and just unpacked everything. It was so nice to get away for a bit and to unwind.

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