As you may or may not know but me and my boyfriend (Casey) moved out in June last year. We had a 12 month contract in a flat and we could either move out or continue the contract for another 12 months. We decided to move out as we wanted somewhere closer to my parents and where I worked. I did also wanted to live in a house and not a flat (still renting) as I wanted a garden, our own front door and to be able to have a upstairs as well as a downstairs. Therefore we looked for somewhere new to live, and eventually we found somewhere. When it came to packing all of our belongings and the moving day I wanted to share that experience with you. So, I decided to vlog the day and take a few pictures for my blog. If you want to see the vlog just go to my youtube channel HannahxoxoBlog and the video will be up the same time this blog goes live. I absolutely love our new home. I can’t wait to full decorate it, have our friends and family round and to make loads more memories. I do also want to film a ‘House Tour’ when our home is just how I want it. I can’t wait for all the memories and special moments in our new home. I hope you enjoy looking at all the pictures and our journey in our new home.


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