I have never done a blog like this before so I am very excited to do it. I thought I would share with you roughly what I eat in a day-to-day basis. I don’t eat the most healthiest I will admit but I am happy and confident in my body. So, I don’t mind that I don’t eat the healthiest. Also check out my youtube channel hannahxoxoblog. I hope you enjoy this different type of blog.

Breakfast (11am):
I don’t always eat breakfast, but I do try to. This morning I am going to have a some toast with Nutella and a warm pan au chocolate as well just to fill me up some more. For a drink I want something warm so I am going to have a hot chocolate.

Lunch (1pm):
I usually have a sandwich for my lunch. Today I am going to have a tuna mayonnaise sandwich with a packet of salt and vinegar crisps and some orange and pineapple cordial. I normally have water throughout the day and have cordial when I am having a meal/food.

Snack (4pm):
I do get quite hungry between lunch and dinner, so I do tend to have a little snack. Today I am going to have some Cadbury’s Crunchy Melt cookies as I have just been food shopping and I couldn’t resist them.

Dinner (7pm):
I wasn’t too hungry this evening so I just made some mash potato and some gravy. It fills me up and it’s quick and easy. Again I will just have some orange and pineapple cordial as a drink as well. I don’t normally have a dessert so I’m not going to have one tonight either.


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