As it was mine and Casey’s birthday recently we decided to spend a long weekend in Paris. Neither us has been to France before so we thought it would be the perfect time to go. Therefore, I booked a hotel in Paris and we decided to drive there as we thought it would be easier. Since we had each other’s presents to bring as well. And we both have never been on a ferry before either. So, I will let you carry on looking at what we got up to in Paris. Also check out my youtube channel hannahxoxoblog. I hope you enjoy!

Day One (Friday 10th November):
Today is the day we are going to Paris! We got up nice and early and headed into London to get the Eurostar from St Pancras. When we got to Paris we deiced to walk to the hotel as it was only down the road, and we could have a little look around Paris while we were walking. By the time we checked into the hotel we were so tired from travelling so we decided to have a little nap. After our nap we didn’t want to go too far from the hotel as it was getting late. Therefore, we had a little walk around and explored. We did also have some dinner as well while we were out. By the time we knew it, it was late so we thought we would head back to the hotel and have an early night since we had a long day of travelling.




Day Two (Saturday 11th November):
Casey’s 21st birthday! As soon as we got up Casey opened his presents that I had bought for him. When he was having a shower I deiced to decorate the hotel room for his birthday (I couldn’t go too over the top and it would all fit into my suitcase). When we were ready for the day we headed out into Paris. We first decided to go get some breakfast. After that we headed to the Effiel Tower. It is soo much bigger than what I anticipated. I did want to do some Christmas shopping while I was in Paris so we headed to Carrousel du Louvre to do some shopping. I couldn’t find a lot of presents I had in mind so we headed out into the streets to do some more shopping. We did get a some lunch while we were at it as well. Again, I couldn’t find any presents that I had in mind. I did end up buying some things for myself though. By the time 4 o’clock rolled around we were both very tired. Therefore, again we decided to head back to the hotel for a nap. After our nap we were getting hungry so headed out for some dinner. Then, we headed back to the hotel for the night


Day Three (Sunday 12th November):
This morning we were determined to do some Christmas shopping. So once we had our breakfast we went out to Galeries Lafayette (a department store). The Christmas shopping was very successful. I did also pop into lush and I picked up a few Christmas bath bombs and bubble bars. I did do most of my Christmas shopping which I was very happy with. Once we finished we headed back to the hotel to drop our shopping bags off. We then went out again to the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and then we saw the Eiffel Tower at night with all the lights lit up. It was then time for dinner so we had a lovely dinner near the Eiffel Tower and headed back to the hotel for the night.


Day Four (Monday 13th November):
Today was my birthday so when I woke up I opened my presents from Casey.Then, got ready and headed out to Disneyland. I absolutely loved Disneyland. It was like my inner child was coming out (haha). I would of absolutely loved to go there when I was a little kid. Just as we were walking into the park a parade was just about to start so we waited and watching that. And of course I had to pick up a few goodies from the gift shop before we left to go back to the hotel. Once we got back to the hotel I had a shower and started to pack up my suitcase ready for tomorrow morning.


Day Five (Tuesday 14th November):
Once we got up, we finished packing our bags and got ready to go home. After we checked out of the hotel we decided to walk back to the catch the Eurostar. When we got checked in and went through security we decided to get some food while we waited. Once we got back into England we got the tube back to Epping where we were getting picked up by my mum to take us home. On the way home we were all quite hungry so we decided to stop off at a services to get some food. Finally, we got home safe. I hope you enjoyed reading mine and Casey’s adventures in Paris!

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