As I have recently moved out I have been buying little bits and bob’s for the house and I thought I would share them with you. I hope you enjoy!

Quote Frame – Clinton’s
Quote Rug – Dunelm
Quote Board – Sainsbury’s
Orchid – Gift from my Mum
Green House Plant – Local Garden Centre
Cactus – Ikea
3 Piece Canvas – Dunelm
Flower Canvas – Dunelm
‘Cocktail Time’ Canvas – Dunelm
‘Strawberry Daiquiri’, ‘Cosmopolitan’ and ‘Margarita’ Canvas – Dunelm
Fish Ice Cube Tray – Ikea
Ombre Vase – Dunelm
Venetian Blinds – Dunelm
Checkered Curtain’s – Dunelm
Storage Bin – Dunelm

And that is everything I have bought for our house recently. Also check out my Youtube channel ‘hannahxoxoblog’. I hope you enjoyed and I hope to see you soon! Bye!

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