Hi everyone! It’s that time of the month again so, time for another monthly favourites.

IMG_6495Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer:
I have previously loved this concealer but I have had new ones that I have been trying out so I have forgotten about this one. But recently I have fallen back in love with it. It just covers my spots and dark circles so well! I do find it a little drying for my under eye’s so I will mix it with a more hydrating concealer (e.g. Naked Skin concealer).

IMG_6496Real Techniques Contour Brush:
I have been using this brush everyday to do my make up recently. I find it perfect for a more natural contour. Meaning not as precise and more blended. I would definitely recommend this brush, as well as other Real Technique brushes.

IMG_6497111Skin Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel:
I recently received this in my glossybox and I have really been enjoying it. I can definitely tell a difference with my under eyes since using this. It’s very lightweight and thin which I really like. The consistency is like a gel, which I do find a little weird for my under eyes. But, I think it works beautifully and I will continue using it.

IMG_6498Hollister Spray:
Since it’s been lovely and hot recently in the UK, I have been loving my hollister spray. It’s perfect for summer time, and I have been using it every day!

I have recently moved out with my boyfriend and I have been loving decorating the flat how I want and buy little bits and bobs.

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