I find my evening routine doesn’t really change a lot, I love unwinding after a long day, getting into bed and watching a good tv programme or movie.

After a long day all I want to do is eat, normally I will cook something quick and easy. Today for dinner I will make a chicken salad, I love having this for dinner as it tastes so nice and fills me up a lot (and its healthy, for me). Sometimes we do have a take out just because I haven’t finished work till late and all I want to do is have dinner, a shower and go to bed.

Chill out time:
Once I have had dinner I’m always so full I don’t want to move. So, I will sit down for a bit watch some YouTube, maybe do some of my blog and just relax. Sometimes I will make myself a cup of tea and have a cheeky biscuit. I normally do this for about an hour but it depends on how late it is in the evening.

Before I have a shower I like to remove all off my make up with my Garner Micellar Water and cleanse with Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. Then jump into the shower. Sometimes I will have a shower or a bath, if I need to wash my hair I will have a shower just because it is easier. If not I will have a bath. I do prefer showers as I feel more clean afterwards, but I do like having a bath every now and then. When I’m out of the shower or bath I will get in some cosy pyjamas. Then, I will moisturise with Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser and use my Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream.

Now is the time to get into bed. I will tie my hair back into a ponytail, get underneath the duvet and either watch a tv programme or a movie. If I do watch a movie there is a very high chance I will fall asleep watching it though, so Casey has to turn the movie off. However, if I watch a tv programme it will more than likely be Family Guy as I think it’s so funny. Finally, I will turn the tv off and go to sleep.

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