The other day I decided to go to Ipswich and have a little look around. I did pop into Lush (obviously) and pick up a few bits. I thought I would share with you what I bought.


The first thing I picked up was ‘Never Mind the Ballistic’s’. I haven’t tried this bath bomb before so definitely wanted to try it out, especially as the pink side feels really weird. ‘Peeping Santa’ is another bubble bar which I have not tried and very eagar to (unfortunately one of his eyes fell off on the way home). ‘Luxury Lush Pud’ is a must have for me. I have had it a couple of times before and the colours it gives off is beautiful, as well as he smell. I have seen the ‘Shooting for the Stars’ bath bomb before but never tried it. Therefore, I had to pick it up this time. Another must have for me is ‘The Magic Wand Of Christmas’ I absolutely love the smell and it’s perfect because you can reuse it. I have never heard or seen the ‘So White’ bath bomb before, it smells lovely so I had to get it. That is everything I got from Lush a few of my favourite’s is also ‘Father Christmas’ and ‘Golden Wonder’ I would definitely try them out!

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