Birthday Break

For mine and Casey’s birthday we decided to have a weekend away in London since Casey has never been to London before. We left on the Thursday morning and came back on the Sunday. Once we got to London we checked into the hotel. After we settled down into the hotel we had a little walk around London. We first decided to got to Covent Garden. I did end up going into Mac and Urban Decay and buying a few bits. Afterwards we went to Leicester Square. We did go into M&M World as Casey has never been in there before and got some M&M’s (obviously). Then, we made our way to Trafalgar Square, had a little walk around and took some picture’s. We did walk to Buckingham Palace and have a little look, and then to Harrods. It looked so pretty with all the lights on outside. Casey did buy a Harrod’s bear for me as well. Finally we made our way back to the hotel, got ready and went to dinner.

On Friday we got up and had breakfast. As it was Casey’s birthday on the Friday he opened his presents that I got him. Once we were ready we went out to Madame Tussade’s. I was so surprised by how many wax figures of celebrities they were. And how realistic they looked. I did have to take my picture with a few. There was also Zoella and Alfie which I had to get a picture with. After we left Madame Tussade’s we went to the London Eye. I was very excited to go on the London Eye as I have never been on there before. I was surprised by how slowly it goes but the view was amazing, especially when you got to the top. We headed back to the hotel to put some more layers on before we went to Oxford Street. I did go into Urban Outfitter’s, Forever 21, Zara, and a few other’s. I may possibly do a haul of all the things I bought in London. When we were starting to feel hungry we went to get dinner and headed back to the hotel.

On Saturday when we were all ready we headed out to the London Dungeons. I have always wanted to got to the London Dungeons. The experience as a whole was not as scary as I thought it would be, but I did enjoy it and would definitely recommend it. Once we finished at the London Dungeons we decided to go to the Sea Life Centre. I throughly enjoyed it. The sharks were a lot bigger than I expected, there was a crocodile and penguins (again didn’t realise they would be there so very excited). Afterwards we headed back to hotel put a few more layers on and then had a little walk around the hotel and got dinner.

On the Sunday was my birthday so when I got up and ready I opened my presents from Casey. We did decide to go straight home when we checked out of the hotel as we didn’t want to carry all our bags around with us. I throughly enjoyed our weekend in London and will defiantly do it again.

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