Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer:
I heard a lot of people love this concealer so I had to see if it was as good as everyone says. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite concealer but I do really like it. It covers my dark circles under my eyes really well (not 100% but I haven’t found a concealer yet that covers them 100%). I quite like the applicator as well just because it is so different.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo:
I have re-discovered this product. This last month I have had a few spots and they are starting to scar. Therefore, I thought I would try this out again I have been really liking it. I use a small amount of it on my spots/scars at night and by the morning I can notice a difference in my skin. I definitely want to try out more of the products from this brand.

Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar:
This is one of my favourite products from Lush. I love how you can reuse this product again and again. It makes so many bubbles and smells amazing. It does smell similar to snow fairy which I love.

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Topshop Joni Jeans:
Bit of a random favourite this month but, I have wanted to try out Joni jeans for a while and finally have. I have heard a lot of people love these jeans and I can see why. They are so comfortable as they are a stretchy material. Topshop jeans are a lot more personal. They have a size for any shape and height (as well as a lot of different style’s).

TeaPigs Minty Fresh Peppermint Leaves:
I always try to drink herbal teas as they are good for you (and taste really good). I haven’t tried this brand before but I have heard of it. I thought I would try it out and I really like it. The packaging is adorable, the tea bags feel really good quality and it’s naturally caffeine free. The tea itself tastes and smells really good! I would highly recommend this flavour as well as the brand.


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