Cambridge Haul

Hi Guys! So on Friday me and Casey decided to go to Cambridge today and do a bit of shopping, mainly because I wanted some more winter clothes. I thought I would share with you guys what I bought today.


The first shop we went into was Primark. I did pick up quite a few things. I did need another black long sleeve top so I got one of them. I also wanted another pair of jeans I did end up buying them but when I got back home and tried them on the legs were way to long for me, therefore I will be returning them. Jumper’s are an essential in winter time so I had to pick a couple up. The first one I got was a cream jumper that has the shoulders cut out. The other jumper I picked up was a dark grey jumper with a few symbols on, I thought this jumper would be perfect for just lounging round the house in. For winter I saw this really nice dull pink and grey cardigan that was just so soft and cosy and I had to get it. I had to pick up a dressing gown and some slipper’s. They both are just so soft and the slippers are adorable. I did want a new coat this winter so I had a look and I found the perfect coat, I absolutely love it. Final thing I got in Primark was a pair of snoopy socks, there were just too adorable not to get.


I did have a little browse in Schuh and I found some Tom’s which I loved so I decided to get them. And of course I had to go into Lush and get a few things. I decided to get the Big Bang Bubble Bar as I hadn’t tried it before as well as the Frozen Bath Bomb. I have been interested in the Fun for a while now but have never got any, so I decided to buy the Rainbow one on Friday. The final thing we got in Lush was a soap called Outback Mate, it was only right for me to pick it up and I have never tried a Lush soap before. And that is everything I got.

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