I thought I would show you guys what in my bag, I hope you enjoy this blog as I haven’t done anything like this before. The bag I use day to day is from New Look and my boyfriend kindly bought it for me around christmas time last year. Normally I will use a black bag as it goes with everything, but I thought I would mix it up a little and get a pink bag. I love this bag as its so easy to get things out of it and it holds a lot of my things.


The normal things I carry around are my:
1. Phone
2. Ted Baker Purse (I love this purse so much, I couldn’t live without it now)
3. Keys
4. Favourite Perfume (at the moment its my Ghost Perfume)
5. Sunglasses (normally it’s my Ray Bans)
6. Long strap that hooks onto my bag (I rarely use this but I carry it around just in case)



Instead of having lots of little things flying round the bottom of my bag I like to use a clear black bag to hold them in. In this zip up bag I have inside:
– Small pot of Aloe Vera cream
– Tissues
– Carmex lip balm
– Nail file
– Compact mirror
– Anti-perspirant
– Hand Gel
– Plasters
– Hair bands
– Hair grips
– Hair clips
– Pen
– Aveda spray bottle holding my hollister spray inside
– Beats headphones


I also have some things in my bag which don’t always say in here:
7. Umbrella (only when its rainy weather)
8. My lipstick I am wearing at that moment in time (today I was wearing my NYX Liquid Lipstick in Sandstone)


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