Hi guys! For mine and Casey’s first year together we decided to celebrate by going on holiday together. We decided Tenerife just because I have wanted to go there for quite a while now and its just such a beautiful place. Therefore, I thought I would tell you what we did and share some pictures with you.

Day one:
We flew out on the 7 June around 7:30am, and arrived in Tenerife around 12pm. Once we checked into our room and got changed and went straight into the pool. After a couple of hours we headed out of the hotel. We decided to have a little walk around the beach. It was so hot and absolutely gorgeous.


Day two:

Once we got up and had breakfast we decided to go by the pool for a bit. We ended up staying by the pool all morning, until we had lunch got ready and had a little walk around the town. I was so surprised by how many little lizard’s there were (well I think they were lizard’s, or gecko’s). I loved the little souvenir shops, they were so sweet and had cute little knik knacks. After we looked around the town we walked back along the beach. We saw some ultimate sand castle’s they looked so cool. Once we were back to the hotel there was a little cafe round the corner so we sat down and had some food and something to drink.


Day three:
We booked a camel ride for the third day so after breakfast we got picked up and went to the camel park. It was kind of like a mini farm, we got to walk around a bit and there were donkeys, a little piglet, goats, chickens and of course the camels. We both got to ride a camel each while we went round a safari track. Going up hills wasn’t too bad but going down hills was a little more scary. After the camel ride we sat down had some fruit squash and had a bit to eat. While we were sitting down there was this chicken that kept hanging around, so Casey tried to feed it some nuts. Everytime Casey would have something to eat the chicken would just come back over, it was so funny. After we got back we decided to go for another little stroll around just before having dinner.


Day four:
After having breakfast we went out and got picked up to go to Siam Park. The queue to go in was crazy but once we finally got in it was so much fun. I think we went on every ride there, the only annoying thing was the line for every ride was so long and my shoulders were burning so bad. Apart from that it was so much fun. We also had some food in the park which was so nice. Sadly because it is a waterpark I didn’t get to take too many pictures. But as we were leaving there were seals by the exit and they were so cute.


Day five:
When we were awake we got up had breakfast and sat my the pool, it was really nice to sit a relax for a bit. After lunch we went out and you could hire a scooter out. It was a mix between a mobility scooter and a ped. Drivers seat at the front, passengers seat at the back. So we went all the way to the other side of the town. We found a little bar by the beach, so we sat down and had a cocktail each. After we got back to the hotel it was time for dinner.



Day six:
Once we were ready and everything we went out to the beach. When we got to the beach you could lay on the sun beds for a few hours so we did that and had a dip in the sea. The sea was slightly cold so I didn’t fully get in, I did get up to my waist and that was far enough for me. Although Casey did go further than me in the sea. When lunch time came around we headed back to the hotel and had some food. We did have a little look around the hotel and found some spare sun beds on the top floor of the hotel.


Day seven:
For the final day we wanted to go out with a bang, therefore me and Casey decided to go on a jet ski. After breakfast we headed out to the beach so they could pick us up in the boat. Once we got our life jacket on and everything we climbed into the boat and it took it out the where the jet ski’s were. We got onto our jet ski’s and the instructor took us out. It was crazy how fast they went, they were so much fun. I would definelty do it again. After we had finished we went back to the hotel to get washed up for our final dinner. Finally, we had our last walk on the beach and took some more pictures!

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