50 Random Facts About Me

Hi Guys! I thought this week I would share some interesting/weird facts about me. I hope you enjoy!

1. My full name is Hannah Ellice Oliver
2. I was born on 13 November 1997 (therefore I’m 18)
3. I was born in Australian but moved over to England when I was about 4 or 5 years
4. My favourite colour is yellow and blue
5. Throughout my whole life I’ve always had at least one dog
6. I really do not like spiders, snails, slugs or worms. But I quite like snakes
7. I love mash potato and gravy!
8. I’m 5 feet 4 inches high (throughout school I’ve always been quite short)
9. My feet are a size 5
10. I’ve never been to a funeral
11. My favourite flowers are lilys
12. When I was younger I had blonde curly hair
13. I used to have two rabbits (suppose to be two girls but, one turned out to be a boy) therefore we had 14 bunnies
14. Whenever I have a cup of tea I always leave a little bit of tea left in the bottom of the mug
15. I passed my driving test the first time and I’ve been driving for a year now
16. I have one brother called Matt and he is 20 years
17. I can’t see long distance so I do need glasses
18. When I was in primary school I played the recorder
19. When I first coloured my hair I was in year 8 in school so about 12 years
20. I hate the winter, I’d so much rather be hot than cold
21. My dream vacation is to go to America
22. Death is my biggest fear
23. I have seven piercings (4 ear piercings, cartilage in my ear, nose and belly)
24. I don’t have any tattoos but I would love to get some
25. I hate the taste and smell of coffee
26. I only like milk chocolate, I can not stand the taste of dark chocolate or white chocolate
27. I have never broken or fractured any bone in my body
28. I have never had a nose bleed
29. I love swimming
30. When I was younger and had chicken pox, I had them really bad. They were down my throat and everything, so my mum got me this cream to help the itching but it ended up I was allergic to the cream
31. I now have three chicken pox marks on my hip and one on my stomach
32. My dream car is a audi r8 spyder
33. I can’t walk down stairs quickly otherwise my feet get all confused and I nearly fall down them
34. I think its so amazing how people become pregnant and have a baby and its actually a living person
35. I love rollercoasters
36. When I was younger I would suck on lemons
37. When I was about two years there was a spider in the living room and it was chasing me around the room. I was absolutely terrified, I am not even joking!
38. I love chocolate chip mint ice-cream
39. I love adeline
40. If you throw something at me there is a good chance I will not catch it
41. I’m slightly clostraphobic
42. I am Scorpio
43. I have blue eyes
44. Apparently I drink really loudly
45. I take my pinky promises very seriously
46. I loved netball in school
47. I have riden a camel
48. I was addicted to freddo frogs when I was younger
49. My favourite drink is water
50. I have watched titanic about 50 times and I love it, I cry my eyes out every time

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